Chelsea Marie


I do love movies, but I’m not a ‘film critic’ by any means. Although I certainly get a lot of use out of my Netflix account. I know we all feel like we’ve seen everything on that site, but I might have an edge since I’ve been bedridden for the last three years.

In 2009, I contracted a blood infection which almost killed me. My life was literally saved, but it left my joints locked and my body frozen for three months. In the wake of that terrifying disaster, I developed neuropathy, a very painful nerve disorder. Since then I have been in a wheelchair but am slowly making progress.

I love my family and would not have survived without their love and support—and of course, Parenthood.

Despite being a high school dropout, I am currently a law student near the top of my class at Wayne State University in downtown Detroit. If all goes well, I will be walking again by the time I take the bar in two years. It’s been a long hard road, but I try to keep a smile on my face and a movie on my laptop.