Mad Max: Fury Road | Damn Good Picture: Episode 1


Hello again, and welcome again, to my other new every-other-monthly video series, Damn Good Picture. If Why? A Question for Bad Movies asks Why, then Damn Good Picture asks How, as I examine the mechanical tickings of what I think is great in cinema. Damn Good Picture will be less focused than its sister show, and an episode could cover a single film, or an aspect of a single film, or an entire range of films.

Today’s episode runs through the sheer volume of obstacles, complications, and surprises in Mad Max: Fury Road. George Miller’s masterpiece is brimming with these oft-championed but frequently neglected storytelling elements, and I aim to highlight just how many situations, no matter how brief, the filmmakers were able to throw on the screen.

Alright, so this basically a glorified AMV, I indulged. But, I think this does break down a level of problem-creating and tension-building all storytellers should aspire to.

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