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Smug Film Podcast Episode #41 – Normal Bob Smith / Amazing Strangers / Union Square / Jesus Dress Up (8/10/15)

Episode 411:10:12 | View on iTunes | Download Mp3

On this episode, John D’Amico and I are joined by documentarian, illustrator, and photographer, Normal Bob Smith! His addictive and brilliant YouTube series Amazing Strangers is coming to a close, and we absolutely had to have him on the pod before he left NYC to begin a new chapter in his life. Be sure to listen closely to the episode to find out how you can win a signed Normal Bob prize!

Plus, Chloe Pelletier reviews The Tribe, and Jenna Ipcar leaves a voicemail question for Normal Bob! If you have a question or comment that you’d like answered/played on the show, call our voicemail box at 718-395-9711, and be sure to leave your name as well!
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