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Netflix Excludes The Blind. Why?


When I was a little kid, I had an excessive vocabulary. I knew what the word 'superficial' meant, and also even bigger words, like 'garrulous'. But even with these words and countless others in my head, there was one that wasn't—and that word was Accessibility.

Back when I was seven, many things were accessible, and if they weren't, my grandmother would help make them so. Not being able to see, my primary way of learning was through reading, touching objects, and listening to explanations. Of course, all my other remaining senses came into play, but hearing and touch were, and are, my primary link to the world not constructed by books.

Even though I had never heard the word Accessibility, I was an early adopter of its concept. One day, my grandmother took me to a museum that was new in town. It was different than the ones we frequented, and I was very eager to feel exotic artifacts under my fingertips, and experience paintings through verbal descriptions given to me via headset. I eagerly speedwalked with my grandmother into the museum, my stomach full with butterflies over the soon-to-be.
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