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The Blind Side Opened My Eyes


When someone says they ‘learned something today’, I admit, I’m usually skeptical. Did they just memorize something, or did they actually take something away—i.e., did they develop an individual thought? Did their world shatter?

During my youth I didn't believe that movies, with their overdramatic diction and flashy action scenes, could actually reach down in my soul far enough to teach me something. Movies weren't there to do that. Movies were there to make me laugh at someone with toilet paper trailing out of their butt as they’re leaving the bathroom. Movies were there to allow me to soak in the hugeness of a destructive explosion. Movies were the pinnacle of mindless entertainment, and I saw them as nothing more or less. But then again, I didn’t really watch too many movies in general, because back then there wasn’t Audio Description, the service for blind moviegoers like myself that describes key visual elements in between natural pauses in the movie’s soundtrack.
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