Smug Film Podcast Episode #54 – Harry Brewis / Jar Jar Binks / Lumpawaroo / Star Wars Prequels / Wookieepedia (11/9/15)

Episode 541:19:56 | View on iTunes | Download Mp3

On this episode, Cody Clarke, John D’Amico, and Jenna Ipcar are joined by Harry Brewis for a discussion of all things Star Wars prequels, including Lumpawaroo’s Jar Jar Binks theory! Plus, a voicemail from Richard Karpala, and Chloe Pelletier reviews Spectre!

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Smug Film Podcast Episode #12 – Chloe Pelletier / Alamo Drafthouse / Theory of Everything / Interstellar (1/12/15)

Episode 12 44:39 | View on iTunes | Download Mp3

On this episode, Jenna Ipcar and I are joined via Skype by Chloe Pelletier, Smug Film contributor and server at the Alamo Drafthouse. We discuss everything from her job to The Theory of Everything to Interstellar to the city of Yonkers. Plus, a special appearance by John D’Amico! As always, we close the show with questions from our mailbag. If you have a movie-related question you’d like answered on the show, send it to!

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Work Boots and Ballet Slippers: A Review of ‘Flashdance’


Flashdance (1983)
Written by Thomas Hedley Jr. and Joe Eszterhas
Directed by Adrian Lyne

When mentioning having recently seen this for the first time, more than anything I hear, “Too bad you didn’t see it in the ‘80‘s—it was great then, but now it doesn’t hold up.”  Even people who like it seem to only like it ironically, for its leg warmers and soundtrack.  Few take it seriously—it’s got a 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, and the screenplay got a Razzie.

Did we see the same movie?  Because to me, Flashdance is a cohesive and universally relatable work of art.  In fact, I was so impressed by it that I watched it again a couple days later.  What gives?

I think it has to do with it being so iconic to its era that people have become blind to its timeless themes and legitimate beauty.  It’s mistaken for a glamorous romp about a girl with high heels on, when really, it’s the struggle of a woman alternating between bare feet and work boots.  It’s remembered as an ‘80’s movie’ for silly, surface reasons, but really, it’s a human movie.
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The Final Member: A Documentary About Penises, And On A Deeper Level, About Documentaries


The Final Member (Completed in 2012, Released in 2014)
Directed by Zach Math and Jonah Bekhor
90 min.


There’s a scene in this delightful film about a penis museum and the men who want their members to be immortalized in it that is so important that I shouldn’t even talk about it, but I have to, because it unintentionally has a lot to say about documentaries. Don’t worry—I’ve figured out a way to discuss it without spoiling anything.
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