Pieta: How To Pander To A New Audience Without Losing Your Soul


Pieta (2012)
Written and Directed by Kim Ki-duk
104 min.


Kim Ki-duk is one of my absolute favorite filmmakers. And I only even like about half his movies. Some of them are just awful. But the ones I like, I really like. And a few of them, I fucking love. 

A lot of people use the word ‘love’ lightly when it comes to movies. These people have most likely never truly been in love with a movie. When you truly love a movie, it becomes a part of your body. The movie finishes, and you look down, and suddenly you have another arm or something. And you’re like, ‘Well, that’s there now.’ You have no impulse to amputate it. It’s truly a part of you, just like every other part that makes up your whole. To rid yourself of it would be to rid yourself of yourself.
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Advice Column #5 (4/15/13)

Any recent good overlooked action movies? I liked The Raid but haven’t seen much else worth a damn. – John T.

John D’Amico: Short answer: yes. Long answer: yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

Editor’s Note (12/4/14): We no longer answer movie questions through our advice column. We answer them in the mailbag segment of our podcast. Send them to Cody@SmugFilm.com and we will answer on the show!
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