‘Turkles’: A Movie That Looks Amazing

I stumbled on this movie while browsing my local library’s new releases online. The title piqued my interest, so I Googled it and found the trailer above.

I need to see this movie.

Greg DeLiso and and I are always on the hunt for the next great unintentional comedies for us to fall in love with and quote incessantly to each other. We’ve delved far beyond famous ones like The Room, Troll 2, and Birdemic: Shock and Terror—our favorites include lesser-known gems such as My Streets, Little Marines 1 & 2, and Breakout: Batteries Not Included. Few have ever heard of them, but they offer as much, if not more laughs than better-known so-bad-it’s-good fare.

It appears nobody has discovered Turkles yet, as is so often the case with a lot of these movies. It’s an untapped genre that people assume consists of only a handful, but really there are tons that are hilarious.

Here’s a video with more weird clips from Turkles. The person who put it together clearly didn’t do so because they saw humor—I think it’s just a highlight reel for one of the actresses—but it plays like a greatest hits of awkward Turkles moments:

And a press conference about the movie, with the writer-director:

Let’s all watch Turkles and make this movie a thing. I’m sick of these great movies falling by the wayside. Seek it out and watch it with friends and spread the word, just like I plan to do.

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