How to Land a Technical Support Job with CompTIA 220-902?

Getting your dream technical support job is surely not a walk in the park. It’s an endless journey of weighing different job options, opportunities and responsibilities. If you are a fresh graduate or those with less than a year experience, job hunting can be more challenging.

With the support of an internationally recognized certification, acing your preferred job is made easier. CompTIA A+ is one of the most in-demand validations among organizations looking for the right fit of professionals for their business.

But before dealing with the reasons why completing this certification helps you land a job in the technical support field, let’s get to know more about the second phase of CompTIA A+, which is taken right after passing the 220-901 exam. Thus, this article is focused on CompTIA A+ Exam Questions.

What is CompTIA A+ 220-902 exam?

First and foremost, you should know that 220-902 is one of the two exams required to fully acquire the CompTIA A+ accreditation. It is highly recommended for those with at least 9 months of practical lab experience. As the second part of the certification exam, you first need to pass the initial exam that mainly discusses hardware and related devices.

CompTIA A+ 220-902 exam consists of a total of 90 questions that are divided into multiple-choice, drag and drop type and performance-based. You are given 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the exam and must get at least 700 on a scale of 100 to 900 in order to pass the exam.

How does 220-902 help you in your career?

If you are one of the thousands of applicants of a tech support position, getting hired is not a piece of cake. But with CompTIA A+ on your profile, for sure the employers will prioritize you over those with no global accreditation like CompTIA. Time to get into business and list down the reasons why acing both CompTIA A+ certification exams aids you in your career as technical support or desktop support analyst.

Gives you an idea about different operating systems

In comparison to the other required certification exam of CompTIA A+(220-901), which talks about hardware and other devices, 220-902 is more of software concepts. This means that you get to know about different PC operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, as well as Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. You also get a chance to install and configure different operating systems.

Tackles the fundamentals of cloud computing

Cloud technologies have always been one of the most revolutionary IT advancements of the present generation. These allow computer system resources to be available even without direct active usage. Hosted through the Internet, these make storage and computing power easier to use and versatile. And for people who are preparing for 220-902 exam, you will learn the basics of cloud computing, including a range of cloud operational procedures.


Configures network connectivity

Most organizations are vastly dependent on reliable network connectivity to keep their business running. Any downtime or outage can greatly impact their service, so as their profits. With such importance, knowledge about network connectivity is constantly on a high scale. Passing this particular certification exam provides you with the needed technical skills related to network connectivity. Applicants are geared with understanding on how to utilize connectivity, as well as access, gather and share vital data across your business and other enterprises. Moreover, it helps you effectively assess and handle network concerns, either PC or mobile device and further discuss connectivity in a normal Small Office or Home Office (SOHO) environment.

Furnishes anti-virus tools

With the endless kinds of malware and other computer threats, it is always presumable that networks are always at risk. And to combat these issues and provide continuous protection, there are various anti-virus tools you can take advantage of. Anti-virus, from the word itself, ensures that your system is clean and safe from harmful attacks such as worms, virus and the like. These are thoroughly discussed when you prepare for the CompTIA 220-902 exam. From preventing computer risks to removing malware infection, you’ll gain impeccable information about network security and care. Through a series of scanning processes, you can straightforwardly detect suspicious links and files containing possible malicious programs.

Implements security control measures

Delving deeper into security aspects, the 220-902 exam also converses between security and access control measures. These topics revolve around security policy, authentication, encryption, and firewalls. With a job in technical support, you need to make sure that all data and other contents are securely protected from any unauthorized access. Encryption and authentication are imperative because it keeps all vital and sensitive information?like chat histories, emails, credit card numbers?intact and secured. And having systematic skills and comprehension about these topics beforehand will surely make you a standout for the employers.

Supports basic PC maintenance

Moreover, 220-902 exam touches some parts of PC maintenance, which is discussed comprehensively on the 220-901 exam. Still, with this particular exam, you can perform basic PC upkeep, allowing you to work with your other job responsibilities. This includes software troubleshooting using operational procedures. As a result, you can communicate and support customers effectively, which are highly important in a tech support role.


As a technical support professional, your job is quite a challenge. But this kind of challenge is definitely interesting and valuable. Blessing you with profound knowledge and practical skills, CompTIA A+ 220-902 prepares you to the real world.

With its foundational objectives, you become a well-equipped and dependable technical support professional who can effectively manage various transactions and resolve different IT issues. To pass the certification exams successfully, check pass4itsure, ExamCollection, Exam-Labs, websites to find a great collection of the valuable material for your exam preparation. Wish you success!

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Exam2pass Presents: Reasons to Get Six Sigma Certifications

Learning Six Sigma methods of insight for your work life can help influence your occupation future. The ability to add Six Sigma Certification to your resume exhibits your vow to upgrading your business insight and investigative aptitudes and also improving the business where you work. Greatly mainstream the world over, the benchmarks of Six Sigma find applications in an unlimited relationship over a broad assortment of organizations around the globe. This PrepAway review is dedicated to Six Sigma certification and its benefits.

Six Sigma Certification Program

Six Sigma is a definitely arranged course of action of instruments and frameworks that help improve shapes inside an affiliation. The basic goal of Six Sigma accreditation is to affirm individuals who have what it takes to recognize botches or flaws in a business strategy and get rid of them

Six Sigma accreditation comes in various ability levels: Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. These affirmations can be traversed an accreditation body like the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

These accreditations in like manner empower you to twist up an expert in process change and will enhance your work’s standard and legitimacy. Is Six Sigma supported, in spite of all the inconvenience? Read this Six Sigma Certificationguide and decide for yourself: besides basically having the ability to add another assertion to your resume, there are various central focuses that make Six Sigma affirmations superbly supportive.

More information about Six Sigma certification can be found on the Six Sigma website.

Seven Benefits of Getting Six Sigma Certified

  1. Help Your Organization Eliminate Errors

From an affiliation’s perspective, acquiring a Six Sigma insistence engages a man to wind up indispensable to an affiliation’s ability to perceive and discard repeatable process botches.

With a Six Sigma accreditation, you would have the ability to change and enable a relationship to construct salary by recognizing and discarding bumbles that would somehow have passed on poor shopper faithfulness and incidents to the business. Affirmed Six Sigma specialists can help diminish invoicing botches, customer complaints, protestation objectives time, spending, plan delays, and cost attacks.

  1. Upgrade Business Processes and Sustain Quality Improvement

When you accomplish Six Sigma accreditation, you’ll have the ability to show you have the data to recognize the characteristics of an affiliation’s gathering and business frames and have the ability to measure, separate, control, and upgrade them. You will in like manner have the capacity to lead a whole review of current practices and get a sensible appreciation of their impact on quality execution.

You’ll moreover develop the ability to achieve the level of upheld quality change that affiliations require – watching strategies eagerly to ensure there is no deviation from the mean and taking remedial measures to reel in a wander that may stray from the way.

  1. Propriety Across Industries

What is the estimation of Six Sigma affirmation? As an industry-doubter framework, Six Sigma methodology is associated with aeronautics, equipment, telecom, dealing with a record and budgetary organizations, IT, HR, exhibiting, and various more ventures.


Getting a Six Sigma assertion can provoke better openings for work and improved pay—in spite of the way that it is hard to achieve. One reason Six Sigma asserted specialists get so much respect is that the exams are hard to pass—and authorities and contracting managers at genuine associations are especially mindful.

With a Six Sigma affirmation, you will have the ability to position yourself as a change master inside the affiliation, starting quality change all through your gathering or affiliation, supporting your organization scope of capacities. Individuals tested in Six Sigma are capable in numerous unmistakable methodologies to streamline business shapes, improve laborer affirmation, decrease costs, and augmentation wage—all of which provoke an unrivaled essential concern, paying little respect to the business.

  1. Assurance Compliance

With the stringent quality proportions of Six Sigma, amassing and process bungles are diminished to irrelevant figures. This has inferred that different merchants, procurers, and oversight affiliations apply Six Sigma checks while surveying things or records. As an affirmed Six Sigma capable, you will have the ability to empower your relationship to agree to overall rules, and moreover, keep up beneficial contracts.

  1. Helps Nurture Managerial And Leadership Ability

Six Sigma getting ready moreover sets you up for places of expert, with the frameworks and aptitude to cut costs, increase salary, and ways to deal with improve the capability of the business system. The people who achieve Six Sigma Black Belt are not simply trained on the approaches of Six Sigma, they are moreover masterminded to twist up a change authority inside their affiliation, driving undertakings to upgrade frames and the idea of things and organizations passed on to customers.

When you complete your Six Sigma course and get your assertion, you will have an obvious understanding of evaluating and estimating cash related favorable circumstances from executing any Six Sigma wander. Since cash related organization and danger examination are exceedingly charming capacities for focus and best level organization, affirmed Six Sigma specialists stand a not too bad shot of rising to senior managerial positions.

If you want to know more about Six Sigma Black Belt certification, go to the Six Sigma website.

  1. Superb Salary

We at PrepAwaydid some research, and as shown by a survey finished by, the remuneration for Six Sigma affirmed individuals routinely break into the $100,000+ pay area, and are among the most liberally repair specialists all around.

  1. Get Hands-On Experience in Quality Management

Not in any way like two or three distinct accreditations, Six Sigma confirmation process consolidates hands-on manage industry undertakings and association with the execution of theoretical gauges to honest to better circumstances. As an ensured Six Sigma capable, you will increment essential experience even before you enter the workforce.


Arranged to start while in transit to Six Sigma Master Black Belt? Lean Six Sigma pro’s program is taught by Green and Black Belt guaranteed specialists with more than ten significant lots of industry inclusion in realizing Quality Management and will empower you to twist up a Lean Six Sigma champion. Thank you for your attention, we hope that this PrepAway guide was useful!

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#100 – This is the Final Episode of the Smug Film Podcast (12/19/16)

Episode 10059:47 | View on iTunes | Download Mp3

On this episode, the podcast ends. Plus, a brand new Robot Reenactment.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who has listened to the show, and I hope you come along for the ride upwards and onwards to bigger and better things. One door is closing, but more doors than that are opening, trust me.



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Smug Film Podcast Episode #99 – Audio Commentary Track for Abominable Christmas (12/12/16)

Episode 9950:19 | View on iTunes | Download Mp3

On this episode, you get to watch the movie Abominable Christmas with Cody Clarke on Netflix! Plus, a brand new Robot Reenactment!

If you have a question or comment that you’d like answered/played on the show, call our voicemail box at 718-395-9711, and be sure to leave your name as well!

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Smug Film Podcast Episode #98 – Mark Covino / Chloe Pelletier (12/5/16)

Episode 9855:09 | View on iTunes | Download Mp3

On this episode, Mark Covino and Chloe Pelletier are live, in person! Plus, a brand new Robot Reenactment!

If you have a question or comment that you’d like answered/played on the show, call our voicemail box at 718-395-9711, and be sure to leave your name as well!

And, if you haven’t already, head on over to our Patreon, where we’ve got a bunch of great rewards for listeners who donate to the show. Donating one dollar a month gets you a bonus mini-episode of the show in your inbox every Monday! These special episodes will never be available on iTunes or or anywhere else. The only way to hear them is by donating. And we’ve got a bunch of other great rewards too on there too, so check it out today!
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