Smug Film Podcast Episode #21 – Abbey Bender / Fashion in Film (3/16/15)

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On this episode, Jenna Ipcar and I are joined by Abbey Bender, film critic and essayist, for a discussion about all things fashion in film. As always, we close the show by answering a question from our mailbag—but not before a review of Uzumasa Limelight from Chloe Pelletier!

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Clueless Skirt (The one Abbey has is sold out, but this one is similar)
Barbarella Leggings
The Joys of Dated Cinema
‘The Shining’-inspired Fashion Collection
Home Alone Horror Trailer
Dirty Dancing David Lynch Trailer
Brokeback to the Future Trailer

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2 thoughts on “Smug Film Podcast Episode #21 – Abbey Bender / Fashion in Film (3/16/15)”

  1. Shit, is it the movie cast of Clueless skirt or the TV show “Clueless” shirt? Also, Hepburn’s best style movie is Two for the Road, IMHO.

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