#44 – Cody Clark 1-on-1 / Far From The Madding Crowd / The Visit (8/31/15)

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On this episode, Cody Clarke goes 1-on-1 with film critic and movie podcaster Cody Clark! Confused? Listen to the episode, it’ll all make sense. Plus, Chloe Pelletier with a review of No Escape!

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6 thoughts on “#44 – Cody Clark 1-on-1 / Far From The Madding Crowd / The Visit (8/31/15)”

  1. This is a bizarre listen, guys. Enjoying it. Thanks for the MSC shout-out to both Codys.

    I agree that Cody is a cool name. It sounds like a GI Joe name. I can imagine Cody on a mission with Dusty and Duke. Maybe the Native American GI Joe character Spirit’s real name is Cody Lightning.

    We’ve got to see about getting Clark’s Daily Herald reviews up on Rotten Tomatoes. And speaking of Rotten Tomatoes, I love that Cody Clark’s picks FOR lesser-appreciated films include Wreck it Ralph with an 87% Kung Fu Panda at 87% and Edge of Tomorrow at 90%.

    Only halfway through, but loving it. And looking forward to Clark’s GUMS podcast where he covers Fabio romance novels with his wife.

  2. I think we should make Chloe Pelletier an honorary Cody for her segment about “No Escape.” That was awesome.

    What can I say, Wolfman? I’m not really a controversial guy. And of course I could think of much better responses to that question after I was off the air. For instance, I actually like “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” It’s nowhere close to “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (the seemingly unassailable weakness of all Indiana Jones sequels), but I actually prefer it to the other two sequels, including the fun but eternally overrated “Last Crusade.” That highly contrarian opinion is even a matter of podcast record — or was, until Jay apparently had to zotz CTS archive. (Damn hosting fees!)

    1. Temple of Doom is my favorite. It’s closest in tone to what I want from an Indiana Jones movie, even with its foibles here and there. I totally agree that Last Crusade is overrated though. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull you might be on your own with, BUT I will admit that I, for one, love the much-maligned fridge scene. It reminded me of the kind of outside-of-the-box problem solving I used to love in the old Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis computer game.

    2. Oh my gosh, thank you! I have always wanted to be an honorary Cody. For real though, I’m glad you like my segment and that people are liking them in general, I didn’t expect them to be so liked!

      I really enjoyed the episode. You sound like a really good dude. Also the Fabio podcast with your wife sounds fascinating. I’ll have to listen to that.

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