John D’Amico’s Horror on YouTube #21 – Ghostwatch


Ghostwatch (1976) | Dir. Lesley Manning | 91 min.

Every day in October, a recommendation from John D’Amico of a horror movie or TV episode available for free on YouTube. Enjoy:

I hear tell this early haunted house mockumentary traumatized an entire generation of young Britons. I sympathize. It’s like the best British horror in its patience and unwavering verisimilitude, which come in handy in a haunted house story. You need to believe the space as a real location and not a set, and here the setting is so approachably banal and the conversation so reasonable that the horror is allowed to creep up on you, even if you see it coming. Strong storytelling and a hell of a movie. Recently semi-remade as WNUF Halloween Special, which shows its surprisingly deep influence.

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