Smug Film Podcast Episode #11 – Mark Covino / Rachel Fox / A Band Called Death (1/5/15)

Episode 11

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On this episode, I am joined by Mark Covino and Rachel Fox. Mark is the director of the documentary A Band Called Death, and Rachel Fox is the program director of Vancouver’s Rio Theatre, and a critic at Twitch.

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An Interview with the Directors of ‘A Band Called Death’, Jeff Howlett & Mark Covino

From left: Jeff Howlett, Mark Covino

A Band Called Death is one of my favorite films of 2013. It’s everything you could want from a music doc—great music, plus a compelling and unique story, told with love and care. I’m sure it will go down as one of best music docs of all time, right up there with Don’t Look Back and Gimme Shelter and Some Kind of Monster.

In a way, it’s not just a story about an interesting rock band, but a time capsule of the power of the time we live in—how music can be discovered nowadays, and how, through the power of the internet, and a generation of music lovers bent on discovering missing pieces of music history, a timeless band from the past who never had the right exposure can finally reach the audience they always deserved.

It’s a fascinating flick, and I’m honored to have had the opportunity to sit down and pick the brains of its filmmakers:
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