Smug Film Podcast Episode #3 – Movies That Got Us Into Movies (4/21/14)

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On this episode, I am joined by fellow Smug Film contributors John D’Amico and Jenna Ipcar. We discuss the movies that got us into movies, and were our gateway into obsession. As always, we go on tangents along the way, take a quick break for a movie joke by comedian Anthony Kapfer, and then close the show with questions from our mailbag.

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Movie Stuff Referenced in this Episode:

Jurassic Park Dir. Steven Spielberg
King Kong Dirs. Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack
2001: A Space Odyssey Dir. Stanley Kubrick
A Hard Day’s Night Dir. Richard Lester
What About Bob Dir. Frank Oz
Groundhog Day Dir. Harold Ramis
Detour Dir. Edgar G. Ulmer
Aliens Dir. James Cameron
Casablanca Dir. Michael Curtiz
Under Siege 2 Dir. Geoff Murphy
Jaws Dir. Steven Spielberg
Saving Private Ryan Dir. Steven Spielberg
A Clockwork Orange Dir. Stanley Kubrick
Wayne’s World Dir. Penelope Spheeris
Rushmore Dir. Wes Anderson
Harold and Maude Dir. Hal Ashby
Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure Dir. Tim Burton
Blow Dir. Ted Demme
Ed Wood Dir. Tim Burton
Plan 9 From Outer Space Dir. Ed Wood
Night of The Living Dead Dir. George Romero
Dawn of the Dead Dir. George Romero
Dawn of the Dead Dir. Zack Snyder
Shaun of the Dead Dir. Edgar Wright
28 Days Later Dir. Danny Boyle
Altered States Dir. Ken Russell
Network Dir. Sidney Lumet
Marnie Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Batman Begins Dir. Christopher Nolan
On The Edge Dir. John Carney
Disco Pigs Dir Kirsten Sheridan
The Wind That Shakes the Barley Dir. Ken Loach
Breakfast on Pluto Dir. Neil Jordan
Breakfast at Tiffany’s Dir. Blake Edwards
Red Eye Dir. Wes Craven
Sunshine Dir. Danny Boyle
Upstream Dir. John Ford
The Friends of Eddie Coyle Dir. Peter Yates
Holiday Affair Dir. Don Hartman
Going Home Dir. Herbert B. Leonard
Magnolia Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson
Blue Velvet Dir. David Lynch
Lost Highway Dir. David Lynch
Nashville Dir. Robert Altman
The Fly Dir. Kurt Neumann
The Fly Dir. David Cronenberg
The Blob Dir. Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.
The Blob Dir. Chuck Russell
The Thing from Another World Dirs. Christian Nyby, Howard Hawks (Uncredited)
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Dir. John Hughes
Donnie Darko Dir. Richard Kelly
Lost (TV Show)
The Usual Suspects Dir. Bryan Singer
Battlestar Galactica (TV Show)
Rocky Dir. John G. Avildsen
Dawson’s Creek (TV Show)
Back to the Future Dir. Robert Zemeckis
Peggy Sue Got Married Dir. Francis Ford Coppola
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Dir. Robert Zemeckis
The Goonies Dir. Richard Donner
Purple Rain Dir. Albert Magnoli
The Birds Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Mike’s Murder Dir. James Bridges
The Decalogue Dir. Krzysztof Kieslowski
Pauline at the Beach Dir. Eric Rohmer
Do the Right Thing Dir. Spike Lee
Manhunter Dir. Michael Mann
Thief Dir. Michael Mann
Miami Vice (TV Show)
The Breakfast Club Dir. John Hughes
WarGames Dir. John Badham
The Princess Bride Dir. Rob Reiner
Stand By Me Dir. Rob Reiner
Tron Dir. Stephen Lisberger
Tron: Legacy Dir. Joseph Kosinski
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension Dir. W.D. Richter
Saved By the Bell (TV Show)
Seinfeld (TV Show)
Raising Arizona Dirs. Joel & Ethan Coen
O’ Brother, Where Art Thou? Dirs. Joel & Ethan Coen
Fargo Dirs. Joel & Ethan Coen
The Big Lebowski Dirs. Joel & Ethan Coen
Pulp Fiction Dir. Quentin Tarantino
The Boondock Saints Dir. Troy Duffy
Bloodsport II Dir. Alan Mehrez
Rambo: First Blood Part II Dir. Ted Kotcheff
Commando Dir. Mark L. Lester
Dirty Harry Dir. Don Siegel
Death Wish Dir. Michael Winner
Scarface Dir. Brian DePalma
Toy Story 3 Dir. Lee Unkrich
Batman Dir. Tim Burton
Batman (TV Show)
The Lone Ranger (TV Show)
Star Trek (TV Show)
Joe vs. The Volcano Dir. John Patrick Shanley
Big Dir. Penny Marshall
Forrest Gump Dir. Robert Zemeckis
Apollo 13 Dir. Ron Howard
The Terminator Dir. James Cameron The Wonder Years (TV Show)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 (TV Show)

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